The team

behind the


(From left to right)

Flavio Fernandes, Sandrina Fernandes, Bruno Antunes,
Samuel Figueiredo, João Rodrigo, Sara Albuquerque, Nuno Lopes

TurboClinic is a manufacturer, responsible for all the development of their equipment, and a worldwide exporter of diagnostic and repair equipment for turbochargers, for both light and heavy-duty vehicles.
The technological innovation of our equipment is known worldwide and we keep on improving and innovating focused on our customers’ needs, comfort and feedback.

Besides TurboClinic’s cutting-edge equipment,
what makes us different?

What differentiates us

and reliability

We provide the initial training necessary, allowing our client to boost their business and achieve maximum profit.


We value your customers’ opinions and develop our equipment and new features according to their feedback.

Technical Support

Each and every client can count on our support line with real-time technical support.


We don’t just sell, we want the client to keep on growing their business and, therefore, we make sure that we support them in every manner that we can.

Leading technology to

boost your business


Ladeira da Paula, nº 10
3040-574 Antanhol – Coimbra, Portugal
(+351) 239 155 737
Monday – Friday: 9h-13h & 14h-19h